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Astrology is as much an art as it is a science. Scientific rigor and extensive knowledge of astronomy are required to create the star charts that are the foundation of every astrologer’s work. Yet it takes years of experience and practice to learn the intricate ways of interpreting the charts, the alignments between the celestial bodies, the interplay between them, and the influences they have on human life. The world famous astrologer Dhanraj Joshi is one of the foremost experts in Indian astrology, the predictive science that defines modern Indian society. But just what is it, really?

The Basics of Jyotisha The name for the Indian astrological discipline is Jyotisha, which is itself divided into three distinct areas dealing with different aspects of astrological predictions, from the detail-focused Hora to the macro level Siddhanta. The crucial element of the system is the Nirayana, the sidereal zodiac, which is divided into twelve parts determining Indian astrology signs. Due to the historical interactions between the Hindu and Hellenistic zodiacal systems, the two are roughly similar, though only at their most basic. The Nirayana system is not relative to the position of the Sun, resulting in full consistency with the actual zodiac. However, here the similarities end, as centuries of refinement resulted in one of the most refined and complex systems for predicting future events.

Note: -Provide most accurate solutions of your problems you faces in life.

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Provide most accurate solutions of your problems you faces in life.
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